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Easy U-Haul rental

Convenient U-Haul Dealer

At Huntington Park Auto Center, you can do more than just get your car repaired! We also offer you a variety of U-Hauls, available to rent by the day or to take one way to wherever you're moving. Call our family-owned and operated business to rent a U-Haul today.

Variety of U-Haul Sizes

We have a wide variety of U-Haul sizes and options to suit your needs. Whether you need a flatbed trailer, a small enclosed trailer, or a truck, we have it all. We have U-Hauls that can move everything from a 1-bedroom apartment to a large house and trailers that you can hook to your own truck.

In addition to the U-Hauls, you can also rent appliance dollies and protection blankets. We also sell a large variety of moving supplies, from boxes to portable storage units. Visit our shop for more information.